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We are THE Seattle FaceMaskArmy

As COVID 19, continues to impact all of us in different ways in the United States, one of the biggest challenges our first responders and essential workers face has been the shortage of PPEs especially FACEMASKS!

With the latest CDC guidance advising people to wear facemasks, Hopes and smiles for Children and few like-minded individuals have come together as a group called as Seattle FaceMaskArmy , with the aim of harnessing the collective power of our communities to procure, stitch and deliver facemasks to the sections and individuals where it is most needed. We are also tying up local NGOs and communities within the King County area to make this initiative successful. At this moment, we are focusing our efforts in the King County area and its associated localities – Redmond, Bellevue, Sammamish, Bothell, Kirkland, Issaquah to name a few.

As we go about this mammoth effort, we need your help and support! We are looking for volunteers who can help support this initiative in different ways – Help us stitch, Help us procure raw material, help us deliver, help us spread the word, and help us seek funding for the effort.

If you are interested in contributing as a volunteer, please fill the attached google formĀ  so that we can reach out to you to share next steps on how you can help.

We also encourage you to follow our Facebook page facebook.com/groups/SeattleFaceMaskArmy for regular updates. Please email facemaskarmy@outlook.com or facemaskarmy@gmail.com if you have any questions around volunteering or participation.

Help us spread this word to your friends and family, and do your bit to make an impact!