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As COVID , continues to impact in India, one of the biggest challenges has been the shortage of O2 Concentrators & Place to Administer Oxygen especially In government hospitals. Rich are able to find ways to help themselves but there is no support, technology for less fortune. They are getting little or no help.

Hopes and smiles for Children and few like-minded individuals have come together and working with public hospital doctors in India to arrange logistics, with the aim of harnessing the collective power of our communities to procure, and deliver O2 concentrators and other equipment to the hospitals, where it is most needed.

Please donate your time and or money. We need a lot of help with coordination , purchase and delivery logistics.

1) Donation with Employer Matching – If you have employer matching or volunteer time from your employer then please search Hopes and Smiles for Children on your internal sites and donate time or money. Please enter the comments “COVID2.0 India”.

2) Direct Donation – If you do not have employer matching then you can donate directly

Equipment we are purchasing and delivering to various doctors at remote / rural public hospitals across India.

ABG – Arterial Blood Gas Analyzer and Cartridges  – Cost  $3500.00 each








O2 Concentrator – Cost  $600.00 each